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About Us

Schwaertz Lightning Protection is manufacturer and technology developer of active lightning rods (early streamer emission systems, ESE) and lightning strike counters (lightning event counter). We have lightning protection solutions for industry, houses, solar panels, energy projects.



We test our products in all stages of production. You can be sure that every Schwaertz product you bought is tested for your safety.


Quality is a relative issue which all companies claim to have. Let us explain you what we understand from this word and why we claim we have it:


-Long time durability

-High performance in every condition

-Being harmonised with all kinds of architecture and adding value to your projects



We see our distributors as our partners. So we share our knowledge with our partners and try to localize our solutions by consulting them up to date regulations. We are exporting our products to many countries and serving our final customer thanks to our authorized distributors.



We design our products to serve in all conditions and aesthetically look good on all types of architecture.



We are manufacturing our all products with high quality standards and we are testing our products in every stage of production.

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